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Program Global Conference 2011

“What revolutions are necessary to govern a vulnerable world together?”

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26th-27th-28th OF SEPTEMBER 2011, Evian, France




2.15pm - 3pm: Opening Ceremony (Grange au Lac)

"Is contact navigation the new governance model?"

In front of converging crises, contact navigation imposes itself as an involuntary governance technique. Freezing a short-term horizon, it is progressively replacing models designed until today. From the largest international institutions to the smallest company, can we  get out of this spiral? How can we revolutionize our system?
-Lina BEN MHENNI, Teacher Assistant, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Tunis University; Web militant (Tunisia)
Socialist Activist; Blogger; Citizen Journalist (Egypt)
-Paul WATSON, Founder and President, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Canada)

Moderator: Nicolas ABENA, Journalist; General Manager, Agence Africa Focus Corporation (France)

3pm - 3.15pm: Prospect (Grange au Lac)

Bettina LAVILLE, Partner, Landwell & Associés, Président and foundator, Comité 21 (France)

3.15pm - 3.30pm: General Study Presentation "The words and the actors of a more sustainable world" (Grange au Lac)

DENIS MUZET, Sociologist, President of the Institute Médiascopie (France)

3.30pm - 4.45pm: Plenary Session 1 (Grange au Lac)

"In front of world upheavals, what governance to construct?"
Managing to combine vulnerability and economic development requires a radical change of models. Several alternatives are considered : challenging the current system of global governance; strengthening existing  institutions or establishing a more functional body.  Is a single model desirable? How to conciliate the expectations of economic actors and global geopolitical balances?

-Esther María AGUILERA, Permanent Secretary, the Association of the Economists of Latin America and the Caribbean; Vice President, the Association of the Economists of Cuba (Cuba)
Deputy Director General and Managing Director, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (Denmark)
Director General Environment, European Commission (Germany)
-Dominique LAFONT,
Chief Executive Officer, Bolloré Africa Logistics (France)
-Staffan NILSSON,
President, European Economic and Social Committee (Sweden)

Moderator: François MAROT, Chief editor, National Geographic (France)

4.45pm - 5.30pm: Garden talks (Royal Resort Gardens)

• Garden talk 1: “Sustainism“

Michiel SCHWARZ, Co-author, “Sustainism is the New Modernism” (United States)

• Garden talk 2: “The Bishnoï Community and Plastic Pollution“

Khamu Ram BISHNOÏ, Environmental and wildlife activist; Judicial assistant, Rajasthan High Court; Founder Representative, Bishnoï Community (India)

• Garden talk 3: “Anthropocene“

Claude LORIUS, Climatologist, Glaciologist (France)

5.30pm - 5.45pm: Results of the Working Commission 1 (Grange au Lac)

Presentation of the reults of the working commission “Transparency and governance of corporations“ by Olivier FERRAND, Chief Executive Officer, Terra Nova (France)

5.45pm - 6.45pm: Green-datings (Grange au Lac)

• Green-dating 1

-Christophe DE BACKER
, Group General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, HSBC France (France)

• Green dating 2

-Jean-Pierre REMY, Chief Strategy and Communications Officer, PagesJaunes Groupe (France)

Modérator: George J. Gendelman, Co-Founder, Planetworkshops (France)

7pm - 8.30pm: Focus (Ermitage)

• Focus 1: "Rio + 20 : memories or future?"

The ambition proclaimed 20 years ago and based on a comprehensive approach has produced halftone results.  Can we still build our hopes on this approach or should we encourage regional and sector-based spaces of negotiation? Is green growth a really unifying concept?

-Marie-Hélène AUBERT, co- Director, Future Factor 4 (France)
-André Giacini DE FREITAS, General Director, Forest Stewardship Council (Brazil)
-Gonzalo RAMIREZ GUIER, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of San José (Costa Rica)
Nick ROBINS, Head, HSBC Climate Change Centre (United Kingdom)
-Mohameed SHAREEF, State Minister of Housing and Environment (Republic of Maldives)

Moderator: Christine OBERDORFF, Journalist, Ushuaia TV, TF1

• Focus 2: "Revolutions at work"

On a financial, technological and social point of view, solutions already exist to implement the urgently needed changes.  They imply deep changes in our attitudes and represent real revolutions. 

Introduction to the Focus: “Leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP)”, Presentation by Denis GUIBARD
-Robert BELL, Chair, Department of Finance and Business Management, Brooklyn College, City University of New-York (USA)
-Alexandre BRAILOWSKY, Societal Engineering Director,  SUEZ  ENVIRONNEMENT
-Denis GUIBARD, Director of Sustainable Development, Orange
-Abdoulaye HARISSOU,
Author, Land: a human right (Cameroun)
Founder and President, Bio-Fuel Systems

Modérateur: Alain GRUMBERG, Journalist,  Associate Director, Futuring Presse (France)

9pm - 10.30pm: Dinner (Hôtel Royal)

10.30pm: Reflection Evening (Salon Léman, Hôtel

"Spirituality and sustainable development"
The reflection evening gathers representatives from the major religions in France (Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Protestantism) to exchange on the subject of sustainable development and Religion.

-Tampalawela DHAMMARATANA, Hon. Vice-President, World Buddhist Union, WFB Liaison Officer, UNESCO  (France)
-René GUTMAN, Chief Rabbi, Bas-Rhin Jewish Community (France)
-Mohammed MOUSSAOUI, President, French Council of the Muslim Faith (France)
-Marc STENGER, Bishop of Troyes (France)
-Jacques VARET, Member of the Church and Society Commission, French Protestant Federation (France)

Mehdi MAJIDI, Chair, Department of International Business Administration, The American University of Paris (United States)



8.45am - 10am:
Plenary Session 2 (Grange au Lac)

"New actors, different powers, stammering models"

New actors have emerged on the international stage. « Civil Society » can not be ignored anymore. The emergence of these new actors requires a redistribution in the balance of power on a global scale. Do we need a revolution of democratic institutions to involve them in decision making? Are we already in the Republic of Networks?

-Laurent CORBIER, Vice-President Sustainable Development and Continuous Improvement, AREVA (France)
-Emmanuel FABER,  Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer, Danone (France)
-Pascal HUSTING,
Executive Director, Greenpeace France; Program Director, Greenpeace International (France)
-Sylvain LAMBERT,
Partner in charge of sustainable development, PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory (France)
Director, UNDP, United Nations Development Program, Office in Geneva (Switzerland)

Moderator: Gilles BERHAULT, President , Comité 21 (France)

10am - 12p
m: Green-datings (Grange au Lac)

• Green dating 3

-Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE, Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT (France)

  Eric BAZIN, Co-founder, The Planetworkshops (France)

• Green dating 4

,  President and Chief Executive Officer, General Electric France; Vice President and City Initiative Leader, General Electric International (France)

Julie RENAULD, Founder, GREEN DATING (France)

• Green dating 5

-Jean-Paul BAILLY, President, La Poste (France)

Moderator: Eric BAZIN, Co-founder, The Planetworkshops (France)

12.15pm - 1.45pm: Lunch (Hôtel Royal)

2pm - 3.30pm: Focus (Ermitage)
• Focus 3: "Drinking Water: what scales? What models?"
Reforms have to be taken in order to ensure equitable and sustainable management of water.  At what level should this resource be managed? What governance model to implement to ensure access and effective management? 

-Rob DOWLING, Head of Regional Operations, SA Water, Project Director and Sponsor, Metropolitan Adelaide Service Delivery Project (Australia)                                                                           -André FLAJOLET, Deputy of Pas de Calais, President, National Water Comity, Commissioner of the Government in charge of the World Water Forum 
-Anne LE STRAT, Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for water
-Charity Kaluki NGILU, Minister of Water and Irrigation (Kenya)
-Emmanuel POILANE, Director, France Libertés (France)

Moderator: Erik ORSENNA, Member, French Academy (France)

• Focus 4: "Have cities become the laboratory of the long-term?"
Rapid urbanization requires a deep reflection on our lifestyles and leads to the implementation of coherent and innovative projects. Are cities the best suited level of governance to drive change? Have they become the real-size laboratory of sustainable development?

-Pierre DUCRET, Chairman, CDC Climat (France)
-Sylvie LEMMET, Director of the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, United Nations Environment Programme (Switzerland)
-Michèle SABBAN, Vice-President, Regional Council of Ile-de-France; President, Assembly of European Regions (France)
-Roland TEIXEIRA DE MATTOS, Country Executive, General Electric Benelux (Belgium)

Yolaine DE LA BIGNE, Chief Editor, Néoplanète (France)

3.45pm - 5.15pm: Focus (Ermitage)

• Focus 5: "Well beyond technological advancements, a new mobility culture?"
Significant improvements have been achieved in the mobility fi eld to make our mobility safer, cleaner and more interconnected. But this will become sustainable only if we change our habits in terms of transportation. How can optimodal behaviors be favored? How can responsible mobility become accessible to the greater number? How can a sustainable mobility ecosystem be implemented?

Introduction to the Focus: “Barometer on french people’s opinion about sustainable mobility, SNCF - Mobivia Groupe for The Planetworkshop”. Presentation by Jean-Daniel LEVY, Head, Public Opinion Department, Harris Interactive (France)
-Bénédicte BARBRY, Director of Communications and Sustainable Development, Mobivia Groupe (France)
-Bernard EMSELLEM, Senior Vice President, SNCF (France)
-Fernando LOZADA ISLAS, Professor of Transport Engineering and Urban Mobility, Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)
-Mercedes MUÑOZ ZAMORA, Director, European Greenways Association (Spain)

Dominique PIALOT, Journalist Green Business, La Tribune (France)

• Focus 6: "Energy security, human security?"

The recent disaster of Fukushima embodies the contradiction between energy and human security. However, man cannot neglect one at the expense of the other. How can we conciliate these two imperatives? Can energy security be an asset for human safety?

-Agnès BUZYN, Chairman of the board, Institute for radioprotection and nuclear safety; Chairman of the board, National institute of cancer (France)
-Didier FOHLEN, Vice-President Environmental and Social Responsibility – Mining, AREVA (France)
-Gustavo RODRIGUEZ ELIZARRRÁS, Chairman, Selve y Laguna Bacalac, A.C; Former General Secretary, Latin-American Organization of Energy (Mexico)
-Fábio ROSA, Founder and Executive Director, Institute for the Development of Natural Energy and Sustainability (Brazil)
-Philippe VAN TROEYE, Executive Vice President Generation Belgium-Luxembourg, Electrabel GDF SUEZ (Belgium)

Serge ENDERLIN, Free lance reporter and author (Switzerland)

5.30pm - 6pm: Keynote Speech 1

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (Monaco)

"Almost twenty years ago in Rio, political leaders became aware of the concept of sustainable development. Within the space of a generation, the idea has taken root in many minds, but the balance between its three pillars, economic, social and environmental, is probably still not assured, especially in times of crisis. As far as I see it, taking part in this sixth edition of the Global Conference, thanks to the dialogue established here, is highly likely to contribute towards a better understanding of what could be a more efficient governance of our planet."

6pm - 6.45pm: Garden Talks (Royal Resort Gardens)

• Garden talk 4: "The role of women at Rio"

Sascha GABIZON, Executive Director, Women in Europe for a Common Future (Germany)

• Garden talk 5: "Gross National Happiness"

Dorji PENJORE, Chief Researcher, the Center for Bhutan Studies (Bhutan)
Tshoki ZANGMO, Researcher, the Center for Bhutan Studies (Bhutan)

• Garden talk 6: "Smart collectors of used mobile phones"

Yves BOILLOT, Marketing Strategy Manager, Orange (France)

6.45pm - 7.30pm: Face to Face (Hôtel Royal)

• Face to Face 1: "The influence of new social networks"
Tuesday September 27 -6.45pm/7.30pm, Hôtel Royal

Hervé DIGNE, Senior Partner, Kurt Salmon (France)
Eric GIUILY, President, CLAI (France)

Moderator: Laure DRÉVILLON, President, One Heart Channel Communication (France)

• Face to Face 2: "Companies involvement in forest preservation"

Christophe ANDRÉ, Managing Director, Arjowiggins Graphic (France)
François LEMARCHAND, Co-founder and President, Nature & Découvertes Foundation (France)

Moderator: Tristan LECOMTE, Founder, Pur Project (France)

• Face to Face 3: "Can finance serve sustainable development?"

William BOURDON, Lawyer at the Bar of Paris; President and Founder, SHERPA (France)
Lionel ZINSOU, Chief Executive Officer, PAI Partners (France)

Patrick BUSQUET, Associate Founder, Futuring Press (France)

• Face to Face 4: "The credibility of CSR approach within companies"

Philippe MAREINE, General Secretary, Atos (France)
Prakash TEWARI, Managing Trustee, Tata Power Community Development Trust and Mannat Foundation; Chairman, CSR Committee, Bombay Chambers of Commerce and Industry (India)

Moderator: Olivier DUBIGEON, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sustainway (France)

• Face to Face 5: "Are renewable energies sufficient to meet world energy needs?"

Hélène PELOSSE, Member, General Inspectorate for Finances; Member, Energy Committee, Europe Ecologie les Verts (France)
Fodé SYLLA, Delegated Head of Economic and Social Development Africa, Member of the Diversity Commission, AREVA (France)

Moderator: Monica FOSSATI, Scientist and Expert in sustainable development (France)

20.30pm: Dinner (Hôtel Royal)



8.45am - 10am: Plenary Session 3 (Grange au Lac)

"Sustainable development: dodge or radicalism?"
The concept of sustainable development is now questioned. As originally designed, it no longer responds to current issues. Facing the acceleration of crises, must we need to put more emphasis on the responsibility of actors, or should we imagine groundbreaking strategies? Has the time come to implement revolutionary models?

-Bruno BENSASSON, Member of the Executive Committee in charge of Strategy and Sustainable Development Director, GDF SUEZ (France)
-Albin KÄLIN, Chief Executive Officer, EPEA Switzerland GmbH (Switzerland)
-Serge LEPELTIER, French Ambassador for Climate Change negotiations; Former Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development (France)
-Chiheb MAHJOUB, Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Salmon (France)

Moderator: Jérôme AURIAC, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Be-linked, Business & Community Intelligence (France)

10am - 10.30am: Results of the Working Commission 2 (Grange au Lac)

Presentation of the results of the working commission "Social entrepreneurship" by Jean-Marc BORELLO, Chief Executive Officer, Groupe SOS (France)

10.15am - 10.30am: Results of the Working Commission 2 (Grange au Lac)

Presentation of the results of the working commission "Mediation as a solution to environmental conflicts" by Samuel DAHAN, Lecturer, ESSEC-IRENE and University of Cambridge (France)

11am - 12pm: Special Session (G
range au Lac)

"Africa on its way to Rio+20"

With the Rio summit approaching, the African continent appears as the continent of all stakes. Governments, companies and civil society are involved in expressing the voice of Africa in Rio. What are their actions on the field for sustainable development? How these actors engage to make Africa as a space of responsible development?

-Assetou BAKAYOKO, President, Réseau Carbone (Mali)
-Diadji DIOP, Artist (Senegal)
-Kako NUBUKPO, Head «Economic Analysis and Research» Division, West African Economic and Monetary Union (Togo)
-Cherif RAHMANI, Minister of Land Planning and Environment; President, World Desert Foundation (Algeria)
-Louis SECK, Minister of Renewable Energy (Senegal)

Moderator: Jean-Pierre THÉBAULT, Ambassador for the Environment, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (France)

12pm - 12.30pm: Keynote Speech 2 (Grange au Lac)

Severn CULLIS-SUZUKI, Environmental activist (Canada)

"Nearly 20 years ago, the world came together to try and manage our precious ecological Commons. Today, in 2011, our ecological crises have only multiplied, and the toll on our own species increasing. We need to come together again. I am attending the Planetworkshops Global Conference in the hopes of being inspired. I am coming across the ocean to see if there is a strong global movement. I am coming for hope."

Animator: Angela DE SANTIAGO, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Youphil SAS (France)

12.45pm - 1.45pm: Lunch (H
ôtel Royal)

1.45pm - 2.30pm: Garden Talks (Royal Resort Gardens)

• Garden talk 7:
"Ethic and Food Security"

Jean-Louis DE VALMIGÈRE, President, Food Culture Europe (France)

• Garden talk 8: "Forest and Culture"

José Flavio ARAUJO DO NASCI “Haru Xina Kuntanawa”, Indigenous leader, Founder, the Corredor Pano (Brazil)
Francisco “Ninawa” DE ASSIS MATEUS DE LIMA, Indigenous leader and cultural representant of his people The Kaxinawa - Huni Kui - tribe (Brazil)

• Garden talk 9: "Cosmopolitism"

Yves-Charles ZARKA, Professor of political philosophy, Paris Sorbonne University (France)

• Garden talk 10: "The Green Growth in Republic of Korea"

Hyunghwan JOO, Secretary General, Presidential Committee on Green Growth (Republic of Korea)

2.30pm - 4pm: Focus (Ermitage)

• Focus 7: "Innovative financing: key to a sustainable growth?"
Despite the implementation of new financing modes, traditional practices persist and paradigms are shifting slowly. Investment funds are progressively integrating sustainable development in their investment process and their management, while microcredit and micro-insurance are developing. Are these solutions sufficient to change business models and to ensure responsible development? Are they really effective?

-Frédéric BACCELLI, Deputy General Manager, Allianz Africa (France)
-Bernard GIRAUD, President Livelihoods venture and Senior Advisor Sustainability, Danone (France)
-Guillaume GROSSO, Director, ONE France (France)
-Olivier MILLET, Chairman of Management Board, Eurazeo PME (France)
-Stéphane MONMOUSSEAU, Founding Partner, Pragma Capital (France)
-Michel MORIN, President of the Board, Léon de Bruxelles (France)

Moderator: Fabrice PELOSI, Editorial Manager, Yahoo! Finance (France)

• Focus 8: "Food crises: what green revolutions?"
Food security remains a major challenge. Current mechanisms do not respond to this crisis. How can we establish another system of agricultural production able to feed 9 billion people? Should we revolutionize the green revolution?

-Baba Seid BALLY, President, African Association for the Promotion of Biofuel (Mali)
-Christopher CHIZA, Deputy Minister for Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives (Tanzania)
-Luc GUYAU, Independent Chairperson of Council, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (France)
-Mohamed HAGE, President and founder, Lufa Farms (Canada)
-Frédéric ROUSSEL, Founder and Head of Development, ACTED (France)

Moderator: Roxane GRIOCHE, Journalist, The Planetworkshops (France)

4.15pm - 5.15pm: Closing Ceremony (
Grange au Lac)

"Governance of things, revolution of men"
By trying to establish a governance at all levels, we neglect the central aspect of all our concerns: the place of man in his environment. Changing our objectives requires political, economic and social breaks. How can we initiate those revolutions and put man at the heart of governance processes?

-Pierre RABHI, Writer and thinker; Founder and President, Colibris - Movement for the Earth and Humanism (France)
-Elizabeth THOMPSON, Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Coordinator, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio + 20 (Barbados)

Moderator: Michèle PAPPALARDO, Master Adviser, Court of Auditors; Former Commissioner General for Sustainable Development (France)

14 september 2011

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