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Global Conference 2011 White Paper

“What revolutions are necessary to govern a vulnerable world together?”

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On September 26, 27 and 28 in 2011, the VI edition of the Planetworkshops Global Conference took place in Evian, France.

In this VI edition, Planetworkshops has focused on maintaining its identity by: providing a friendly environment for reflection on sustainable development and our societies’ necessary transformations; forming a platform of diverse actors; bringing a transdisciplinary approach; highlighting practical and existing solutions.

Thus, more than 900 opinion leaders, governmental officials, business leaders, NGOs and associations, civil society representatives, researchers and journalists from 65 different countries have met for three days to discuss and devise solutions to address the economic, societal and environmental challenges that characterize our planet today.
Sustainable development in the urgency of crises; information ecology; behavioral changes; search for a new equilibrium and innovation as a solution to challenges in sustainable development: Planetworkshops has been working for six years now on stimulating the vectors of change of our societies.

“What revolutions are necessary to govern a vulnerable world together?”

By choosing this theme as the common framework for reflection during these three days of interaction, the Planetworkshops aimed to highlight the fact that true revolutions – in the ways of thinking, lifestyle, consumption, travel, and especially in governance models – are necessary to address today’s challenges and to achieve effective and global governance.
Divided into various sub-themes, this question has allowed to focus on existing innovations and solutions as well as devising revolutions that will allow us to address together the challenges caused by multiple issues: political, economic, social and environmental.
Therefore this year’s program was organized as follows: 5 plenary sessions (an opening ceremony, three workshops and a closing ceremony), 8 sessions of thematic focus groups, 6 green dating, 4 face-to-face, 10 garden talks, 2 testimonies and an evening of reflection.

Projects, studies and publications

• Three Working Commissions have presented their projects in Evian during the VI edition of the Global Conference:

-Internationalizing the social entrepreneurship model, in partnership with SOS Groupe.
-Social and Environmental Responsibility: making business governance evolve, in partnership with Terra Nova.
-Mediation as a Solution to Environmental Disputes, in partnership with ESSEC-IRENE.

• Sustainable development, summary and priorities for decision makers

In order to shed light on the main trends of a world in transition and to show that the transversal nature of sustainable development doesn’t exclude the prioritization of measures, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Planetworkshops have written, for the occasion of the Global Conference 2011, a report for policymakers that aims to prioritize procedures. Through the analysis of the progress made each year on the awareness of threats on sustainability, the report provides a benchmark to ensure the continuity of decisions in the longterm.
This exclusive report is available HERE

Two special studies were unveiled at the Global Conference 2011:

-The words and the actors of a more sustainable world, conducted by Mediascope Institute for Planetworkshops.
-The Barometer on the Opinions of the French on Sustainable Mobility, conducted by Harris Interactive in partnership with SNCF and Mobivia Group for Planetworkshops.

This white paper outlines the highlights of the VI edition of the Global Conference.
Video recordings of all the plenary sessions, focus groups, green dating and testimonies are available for free consultation HERE
The photographs and videos of each of the sessions are available HERE
(©Semmy Demmou - ©Abdou Diouri)


Planetworkshops would like to thank the 920 “Planetworkers” who have come from all over the world to participate in this VI edition of the Global Conference, to discuss together the solutions that will allow us to revolutionize our way of living, of thinking, of consuming and of governing.
We would particularly like to thank the governmental and institutional representatives, business directors and leaders, associations, NGOs, foundations, academic experts, researchers, students and artists who participated in the VI edition of the Global Conference.
Their diversity brings an unparalleled richness for the stimulation of reflection.
The entire team at Planetworkshops wishes to express its deep acknowledgement to all the participants who agreed to share their expertise and experience.
We would also like to thank our partners, without whom this conference would not have been possible.

Finally we would especially like to thank Bettina Laville, Laure Allibert, Emilie Bobin, Sylvain Lambert, Clément Lefevre and Damien Pellé, consultants at PricewaterhouseCoopers, who participated in the writing of this white paper.

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