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Videos of the Global Conference 2012


Monday 24th September


George J. GENDELMAN, Co-founder of The Planetworkshops (France)
Franck RIBOUD, Président Directeur Général of Danone (France)

Opening Speech
Bettina LAVILLE, Partner, Landwell & Associés; President, The Planetworkshops’ Steering Committee (France)



Henri DJOMBO, Minister of Sustainable Development, Forestry Economy and Environment (Republic of Congo)
Sanjit "Bunker" ROY, Founder and Director, Barefoot College (India)
Minou TAVÁREZ MIRABAL, Deputy to the Dominican Congress; Member of the Executive Committee, Parliamentarians for Global Action (Dominican Republic)

Modérator: Jérôme BINDÉ, Member, Club of Rome; Former Director of the Office of Foresight and Deputy Assistant Director-General for Social and human sciences, UNESCO (France)
Opening Ceremony - "From multilateralism to cosmopolitism: what new legitimacies to act?"



Jacques ROUGERIE, Architect; President-founder, SeaOrbiter (France)
Keynote Speech 1 



Denis MUZET, Sociologist; President CEO, Médiascopie Institute (France)
General Study Presentation "The words of co-construction"



Nick ROBINS, Head of the Climate Change Center of Excellence, HSBC (United Kingdom)
General Study Presentation "Delivering green growth in emerging economies"



Sebastian COPELAND, Explorer; Photographer; Environmental Advocate (United States)
Keynote Speech 2 



Mike BIDDLE, President and Founder, MBA Polymers (United States)
Jarmo ESKELINEN, CEO, Forum Virium Helsinki; President, European Network of Living Labs; Vice chair, EC DG INFSO Smart City Portfolio group (Finland)
Nick MOON, Co-founder and Director, KickStart International (United Kingdom)
Sergio RICO VELASCO, President, Silos de Agua S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Jean-Luc VALENTE, CEO, blueKiwi Software (France)

Modérator: Eric DE RIEDMATTEN, Vice President, CLAI (France)
Focus 1 - "Revolutions underway" 



Sandrine BÉLIER, Jurist; Member, European Parliament - Greens/EFA Group (France)
Pierre DUCRET, Chairman and CEO, CDC Climat (France)
Manoelle LEPOUTRE, Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development and Environment, Total (France)
François MOISAN, Executive Director Strategy Research International, ADEME (France)
Susil PREMAJAYANTHA, Minister of Petroleum Industries (Sri Lanka)

Modérator: Céline ALLÉAUME, Senior Manager, Kurt Salmon (France)
Focus 2 - "Energy management and building sustainable territories"



Maurice O. K’ANJEJO, Corporate Affairs Manager in charge of Sustainable Development, Total Kenya (Kenya)
Emmanuel LÉGER, Head of Access to Energy Program, Total (France)
Gunnar WEGNER, Energy Adviser, GIZ (Germany)

Modérator: Jérôme AURIAC, Founder and CEO, Be-linked, Business & Community Intelligence (France)
Best Practice Corner 1 - "Return on an innovative photovoltaic business model adapted to the poorest populations" (Total)



Ludovic CENTONZE, Orange for Development Project Director, Orange (France)
Omar CISSÉ, Executive Director, Dakar ICT Incubator - CTIC (Senegal)
Marc FOSSIER, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Orange Group (France)

Modérator: Angela DE SANTIAGO, Founder and CEO, YOUPHIL (France)
Best Practice Corner 2 - "Orange for development" (Orange) 



Angaangaq ANGAKKORSUAG, Shaman and Eskimo-Kalaalit Elder (Greenland)
Evaristo NUGKUAG IKANAN, Environmental activist; Native American Leader, Aguaruna People (Peru)
Jianhua WANG, Secretary General, Mekong Akha Network for Peace and Sustainability (Thailand)
Nixiwaka YAWANAWA (Biraci BRASIL), Spiritual Leader, Yawanawa People; Delegate, National Indian Foundation; Founder, OAEYRG and COOPYAWA (Brazil)
Putanny YAWANAWA (Raimundinha Luiza YAWANAWA), Spiritual Leader, Yawanawa People; Delegate, National Indian Foundation; Co-coordinator, The Yawanawa women project « Yawanawa Arts and Knowledge” (Brazil)

Modérator: Mehdi MAJIDI, Chair, Department of International Business Administration and Director, Master’s in Cross-cultural and Sustainable Business, American University of Paris (United States)
  Reflection Evening - "Traditional Spirituality and Sustainable Development"

2 october 2012

Tuesday 25th September


Matthew APPELBAUM, Mayor, City of Boulder (United States)
Rafael GIMÉNEZ-CAPDEVILA, Transborder Projects Advisor, Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Ajuntament de Barcelona - Barcelona City Council (Spain)
Denis GUIBARD, Vice President Sustainable Development, Products and Services, France Telecom-Orange; Vice President, C3D (France)
Didier MARGINEDES, CEO, Batscap, Bolloré Group (France)
Jean OLLIVRO, Geography Professor, European University of Brittany – Rennes of Rennes 2 ; Author, The new economy of territories (France)
David ROSENBERG, CEO and Co-founder, AeroFarms (United States)

Modérator: Roxane GRIOCHE, Sustainable development Journalist, Saska Production (France)
Focus 3 - "Building a desirable urban ecosystem"



Leonardo BONANNI, Founder and CEO, Sourcemap
(United States)
Fabienne CHOL, Director, National Institute for Consumer Affairs; Publishing Director, 60 millions de consommateurs (France)
Vincent DE MONTALIVET, Founder and CEO, MyRecycleStuff (France)
Ann GOODMAN, Co-founder and First Executive Director, Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future; Founder & President, Telesys Advisory (United States)
Sylvain LAMBERT, Partner in charge of Sustainable Development, PricewaterhouseCoopers (France)
Amy PENNINGTON, Founder, Urban Garden Share; Owner, GoGo Green Garden (United States)

Modérator: Louise BARTLETT, Journalist; Editor of the magazine Interdépendances, Groupe SOS - Media Center (France)
Focus 4 - "Internet and social networks: vectors of responsible consumption?"



Eric GIUILY, President, CLAI (France)
Uwe KÄSELAU, Responsible for Managed Services, Atos Switzerland (Germany)
Bertrand PANCHER, Deputy of the Meuse Department; President, Association Décider Ensemble (France)
Hugues PERCIE DU SERT, General Manager, SITA Recyclage (France)
Géraldine POIVERT, Managing Director, EcoFolio (France)

Modérator: Olivier DUBIGEON, Founding CEO, Sustainway (France)
Focus 5 - "Sober economy: collaborative economy?"



Jacques BRÉGEON, Director of Studies and Research, ESCEM; Founder, College for Advanced Studies of the Environment and Sustainable Development; President, Education Operational Committee of the Grenelle de l'environnement (France)
Vicky COLBERT, Founder and Executive Director, Fundación Escuela Nueva (Colombia)
Carlos Bruno GENTILE, General Director, “Escuelas Verdes” Program, Ministry of Education of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Roland GÉRARD, Co-director, Ecole et Nature Network (France)
Andrew LANGFORD, Co-President, Gaia University
(United Kingdom)

Modérator: Louis-Albert DE BROGLIE, President, Deyrolle and Deyrolle pour l’Avenir (France)
Focus 6 - "How to equally share education to sustainable development?"



Stéphane D'HALLUIN, Sustainable Development Manager, Botanic (France)
Laurence HULIN, Sustainable Development Director, MEDIAPOST (France)
Jean-Louis KIEHL, Chairman, CRESUS (France)
Chantal LORY, Chairman of the Management Board, La Banque Postale Financement (France)

Modérator: Laure MANDARON, Sustainable Development Delegate, La Poste Group (France)
Best Practice Corner 3 - "Construct a responsible offer: how to respond to customer's expectations?" (La Poste Group)  



Runa KHAN, Founder and Executive Director, Friendship (Bangladesh)
Tri MUMPUNI, Executive Director, IBEKA (Indonesia)

Modérator: Bernard SAINCY, Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility, GDF SUEZ (France)
Best Practice Corner 4 - "GDF SUEZ Rassembleurs d’Energies: Social entrepreneurs and access to energy for the poorest" (GDF SUEZ)



Jeremy RIFKIN, President and Founder, The Foundation on Economic Trends (United States)
Keynote Speech 3 



José GUALINGA MONTALVO, President, Sarayaku Kichwa People Government (Ecuador)
Chiheb MAHJOUB, CEO, Kurt Salmon (France)
Philippe MAREINE, Executive Vice President and Group General Secretary, Atos (France)
Mohan MUNASINGHE, Founding Chairman, Munasinghe Institute for Development; Former Vice President, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; shared Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (Sri Lanka)
Stéphane QUERE, Director Urban Development and Deputy Director Group Commercial & Marketing Department, GDF SUEZ (France)

Modérator: Stéphane DION, Federal Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent-Cartierville, Parliament of Canada; Former Minister of the Environment of Canada (Canada)
  Plenary Session - "Co-construction and competition: what evolution of economic models?"



Christian COURTIN-CLARINS, Chairman, Groupe Clarins (France)
Challenger: Tristan LECOMTE, Founder, Pur Projet (France)
Challenge Session 1 - "Value co-creation and biodiversity preservation"



Emmanuel FABER, Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer, Danone (France)
Challengers : Antoine SPIRE, Journalist and Writer (France)
Solitaire TOWNSEND, Co-Founder, Futerra (United Kingdom)

Challenge Session 2 - "Towards an ecosystem company : co-construction of new solutions or new constraints?"



Rethink Awards Ceremony



Mike BIDDLE, President and Founder, MBA Polymers (United States)
Martin ESPOSITO, Actor, Film Director and Scriptwriter, Mother and Son (France)
Cynthia FLEURY, Philosopher and Psychanlalyst; Professor of political science, American University of Paris; Researcher, CERSP, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle; Research Fellow, CNRS (France)
Serge ORRU, General Director, WWF France (France)

Moderator: Guillaume GROSSO, Directeur, ONE France (France)
Round Table on the Film "Super Trash" by Martin Esposito - "How to achieve shared and efficient solutions to waste co management?"


2 october 2012

Wednesday 26th September


Albert BUTARE, Founder and CEO, Africa Energy Services Group; Former Minister of State, Ministry of Infrastructure (Rwanda)
Jean-François CAPEILLE, Architect, AIA - Architectes Ingénieurs Associés (France)
Cheikh Tidiane MBAYE, CEO, Sonatel (Senegal)
Staffan NILSSON, President, European Economic and Social Committee (Sweden)
Lionel ZINSOU, CEO, PAI Partners (France)

Modérator: Jean-Pierre THÉBAULT, Advisor for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador for the Environment, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France)
Special Session on Africa - "What articulations to co-construct a sustainable future in Africa?"



Adam BAÏZ, Student, École Polytechnique Paris et Corps des Administrateurs de l’INSEE; Vice-president, ARCADE - Conférences Inter-Ecoles (France)
Nour BAÏZ, PhD Student, The French Institute of Health and Medical Research (France)
Mathias BOUCKAERT, PhD Candidate, Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University (France)
Fanny DUPERRAY, Student, Sciences Po Lille (France)
Vincent GATINEAU, Student, École Centrale Paris (France)
M. H. Farida KONE, Master’s Student majoring in Water Engineering, 2iE (Burkina Faso)
David LERCH, Student, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (United States)
Tim RADEMACHER, Student, University of Cambridge  (United Kingdom)

Working Commission 1 - "Transforming international climate negotiations?"


Louisa CRISPE, Policy officer, France Libertés - Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, Member of The Collective for an alternative to Biopiracy (France)
Pierre JOHNSON, Researcher, Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University; Author, Biopiracy - What alternatives to the pillage of natural resources and ancestral knowledge?; Independent Consultant, Soleco (France)
Ghislaine HIERSO, Vice-President to Executive Vice-President for Public Entities and European Affairs, Veolia Environnement; former President, Orée (France)
Jean-Patrick LE DUC, Head, International and European Affairs, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (France)
Michel TROMMETTER, Director of Research, National Institute for Agricultural Research (France)

Working Commission 2 - "Crossed views on genetic biodiversity resources and their fair share"  


André Abreu, Politique Internationale, Tara Expéditions (Brésil)
Ariel FUCHS, Science, Education and Media Director, International Coordination, SeaOrbiter (France)
Nicolas IMBERT, Executive Director, GREEN CROSS France and Territoires (France)
Isabelle JOSCHKE, Sailor (France)
Jacques ROUGERIE, Architect; President-founder, SeaOrbiter (France)
Romain TROUBLÉ, Secretary-General, Tara Expeditions (France)
Philippe VALLETTE, General Manager, NAUSICAÁ - The French National Sea Centre; Co-President, World Ocean Network; Member of the “Sea and Coast" Group, IUCN France (France)
Working Commission 3 - "What conditions for the emergence of a 'Blue Society'?"



Leila AÏCHI, Lawyer; Senator of Paris and President of the France-Saudi Arabia Friendship Group, French Senate (France)
Pedro ARROJO, Founder, New Water Culture Foundation; Professor Emeritus, University of Zaragoza; Goldman Environmental Prize 2003 (Spain)
Jérôme BATAILLE, Architect and Partner, AIA - Architectes Ingénieurs Associés (France)
Marcela BENÍTEZ, Founder and Executive Director, RESPONDE (Argentina)
Riccardo VALENTINI, Manager of the Climate Impacts Division, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change; Professor, University of Tuscia - DIBAF; Expert, Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (Italy)

Moderator: Dominique GOMBERT, Director of Risk Assessment, French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (France)
Focus 7 - "Human health, healthy territories"



Marie-Hélène AUBERT, Advisor for international climate and environmental negotiations, Presidency of the French Republic (France)
Gilles BOEUF, President, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle; Professor, Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (France)
Adam KONIUSZEWSKI, Chief Operating Officer, Green Cross International (Canada)
Philip NGOLE NGWESE, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife (Cameroon)
Prakash TEWARI, Director CSR and Community Relations, Tata Power; Vice President, Jindal Steel Power Limited (India)

Moderator: Alain GRUMBERG, Journalist; Associate Director, Futuring Press (France)
Focus 8 - "Local actors to value biodiversity"



Kai-Uwe SCHROGL, Head of ESA Policies (Germany)
Challenger: Jérôme AURIAC, Founder and CEO, Be-linked, Business & Community Intelligence (France)
Challenge Session 3 - "How can space contribute to a sustainable future?"



Challenger: Member, Académie Française (France)
Challenge Session 4 - "Public sector, private sector: complementary or opposite logic?"



Rajendra Kumar PACHAURI, Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute (India)
Keynote Speech 4 



Stéphane DION, Federal Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent-Cartierville, Parliament of Canada; Former Minister of the Environment of Canada (Canada)
Jasmine, Syrian activist; Media Office Coordinator, Local Coordination Committees in Syria (Syria)
Brittany TRILFORD, Youth winner of the “Date with History” Rio+20 Earth Summit Contest (New Zealand)

Modérator: CEO, BeCitizen (France)
Closing Ceremony - "Informed citizens, committed players, globalization: new democratic dynamics?"


2 october 2012

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