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Introduction By Eric Bazin Founder of the Summits of the Images ans Erik Sampers, Curator of the exhibition

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Draw me Morocco

When Antoine de Saint Exupery signs "The Little Prince", he asks for forgiveness from the children for having dedicated his book to an adult.
Addind as naively that he had good excuses. "All adults were children first." being the most beautiful of them.
I remained a child.  A little Prince discovering, 25 years ago, the splendors of the Kingdom of Morocco, arriving from another planet : the B 612 Asteroid.
Each day of my improvised journey, I learned from these children with enchanted smiles, these women with henna arabesques covered hands and these generous men, in quest for exchanges and shared knowledge.
From the sun set, which the Little Prince will see 44 times, to the roses with which we are all in love, the Kingdom of Morocco holds flamboyant and heady treasures.
There, a waterlogged oasis, pacifying and nutritive, there a village, surrounded by pink granite, or there again, a place swarmed with troubadours, monkey tamers, from another time.  From Dakhla, in the heart of the southern withe desert, to the imperial cities of the North, Fès, Meknes, Rabat, Marrakech, Morocco invites us to discover its secrets, well preserved by the will of a people filled by a constant reinvented past.
Today, as the fox from The Little Prince says, we want to be tamed by this country, by all its people who make it so beautiful.  For men don't have anymore friends.  And if you want friends, you must gain their confidence.  You will then discover the price of happiness, the same price our moroccan friends taught there children.  You must dress your heart to discover Morocco, because the essential is invisible to the eyes.
In order to never forget, this 6th edition of the Summit of the Images invites you to meet an exceptional country, people and destiny.

Eric Bazin
Founder of the Summits of the Images

A path under the stars

This year for the 6th edition of the Summit of the Images we leave the trails of this beautiful Morocco to reach the slopes of Courchevel. Here is a Morocco with unexpected surprises. We chose to introduce you to an exhibition "off piste" away from the regular path.
Morocco is a beautiful environment with many aspects, we will introduce you to these other sides, the sublime heritage with rich colors, the watercolor blue of its streets, but also the country of smiles, and what a beautiful picture of this camel touching the face of a young Tuareg. The fifty images are sometimes exhibited in excessive external formats for all to see.
Get off the tracks, put your skis anddiscover another Morocco. Do not get cold feet with anything, this country of multifaceted deserts will warm your heart. Let's go to "Morocco, the country that travels inside you."

Erik Sampers
Curator of the exhibition

14 december 2011

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