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Global Conference 2013 - Major Trend



Opening Plenary Session: Has the transition been set in motion?
2nd Plenary Session: Are regional organizations the new driving force of multilateralism?
3rd Plenary Session: How should we adapt educational models in order to reinforce the transition?
Closing Plenary Session: What are the conditions necessary to achieve a successful transition?

Focus 1: Reducing the demand for energy at the heart of the transition to a low-carbon economy.
Focus 2: What innovative models can be used to finance the transition?
Focus 3: How should we respond to the increase in health scares? The case of BPA.
Focus 4: Is the transformation of entrepreneurial models creating jobs?
Focus 5: Is a new agricultural social pact possible?
Focus 6: New forms of social mobilization: typology, goals and impacts on the transition.
Focus 7: What is the role of local public administrations in facilitating the transition?
Focus 8: What type of cooperation is necessary in order to ensure “water security”?
Focus 9: Demographic transition, human capital and economic development: What will be the basis for the transition in Africa?
Focus 10: How could oceans contribute to a successful transition?
Focus 11: Transition and transmission of traditional knowledge.
Focus 12: How can the concept of the Social Responsibility of Organizations become more operational?

Special Initiative Focus 1: Volt Gas Volt Initiative: accelerator of the energy transition and of the way out of nuclear energy? 
Special Initiative Focus 2: Open Metropolis Initiative: How innovative networks of social capital and collaborative metropolitan hubs can turn global urban growth into green growth?

Working Commissions 1: How can agroecology become more attractive and desirable?
Working Commission 2: How can we arrive to and put in common efficient solutions for waste management?”
Ms. Valérie El Merini, Project Manager of the Waste Sector, EA Eco-entreprises (France)
Working Commission 3: How to make the Great Paris an accelerator of energy transition?
Working Commission 4: How can we define the status of climatic refugee?

Best Practice Corners 1: La Poste Group "Transition and responsible management" 
Best Practice Corners 2: PwC : "SMEs and CSR Performance : from constraint to innovation."
Best Practice Corners 3: Atos : "The MyCar case, the sustainable mobility by Atos and Bolloré."
Best Practice Corners 4: GDF SUEZ : « The next Project »
Best Practice Corners 5: Orange : "Big Data, a new lever for development"
Best Practice Corners 6:  "Gabon : a country in transition"
Best Practice Corners 7: “SEAAL: an innovative and efficient Public-Private partnership for the modernization and empowerment of a big urban water and sanitation service in Alger.”
Best Practice Corners 8: TOUBIO: major player of the event transition"


2 may 2014

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