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First Balance of the Water and Sea Workshops in Barcelona

A few days after the Water and Sea Workshops, the Planetworkshops are drawing a first balance of this 1st edition.

The first edition of the Water and Sea Workshops we organized on Thursday October 10th in the Drassanes Reials, within the Maritim Museum of Barcelona around the theme “Water without borders: utopia or reality?”, was a real success, gathering more than 300 people originating from diverse backgrounds.

In Barcelona, local and international actors came to think together about the major stakes that characterize water and marine ecosystems today. The diversity of the participants’ profiles (companies, public authorities, NGOs, researchers, experts, students…) and the pooling of their networks have considerably enriched the debates. Real platform of exchange and valorization of existing solutions, the workshops have allowed to present and share good practices and innovations.

Conceived as a space of dialogue and exchange open to all and, the ambition of this workshop was to gather international decision-makers involved in a more responsible management of water and marine resources. Thanks to a trans-disciplinary approach, the Planetworkshops have tried to include in the discussion a large panel of stakeholders involved in the preservation of these resources.

Highlights of this first edition

Beyond the two Plenary Sessions and thematic focuses that have marked these two half-days of exchange, this first edition has also been marked by the allocution pronounced by Mr. Artur Mas I Gavarro, President of the Government of Catalonia, during the opening ceremony of the conference.

The floor given to students

The session dedicated to the presentation of students’ projects has also met a large success, with both presentation of research projects (PhD) and innovative field projects. These presentation have raised the attention of companies and investors, willing to know more in order to give their advices and providing with their support to these projects.


A Strong presence from local and international grassroots and non-profit actors

An important network of non-profit actors, from Catalonia, Spain and abroad, have participated in these first Water and Sea Workshops. Indeed, many representatives from associations, NGOs and Foundations participated in this first edition, being represented in most roundtables, and also largely present in the audience. Their participation has greatly contributed to enrich the debates and the exchanges beyond the roundtables.

In the aftermath of this first edition,  the Planetworkshops would like to thank all the industrial and institutional partners, such as Agbar, the Government of Catalona, the Provincial Council and the City Hall of Barcelona, without which these workshops would not have been possible. We would like also to thank all our academic and network partners, that have contributed to the richness of the program of these workshops: The Maritime Cluster of Balearic Islands, Green Cross France and Territories, the Water Institute of Barcelona University, Nausicaa – The French National Center of the Sea, the UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Comission, the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO, the Race For Water Foundation as well as Tara Expeditions.

The Pictures of the Water and Sea Workshops are available on our website by clicking on this link: http://www.planetworkshops.org/en/575/pictures/

The Blue Paper of this first edition will be published very soon and will be downloadable for free on our website in the Water and Sea Workshops tab. 

15 october 2013

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